Relocation – Help is here for those Relocating

We would like to offer you some information you may find helpful as you Relocate or are considering a possible Relocation.   Our Team of Residential Agents has received special training that has equipped them with the tools and facts considered very valuable.

As we handle those relocating, we take on the responsibility of not only housing but handling many aspects of a move not typically the responsibility of the Real Estate Agent.  When moving to an unfamiliar city, all sorts of information needs to be gathered in order to make an informed decision.    Schools, shopping, recreation, medical, public transportation, neighborhood considerations, taxes, association fees – all of these need to be understood before making any decision about a particular house.

Another important element in this equation is the dedication of the Real Estate Agent to keep information flowing during the process whether you are here or away for quite frequently the process takes quite a long time.   When you are here, it is important that the Real Estate Agent can tailor his schedule to fit yours for  house hunting trips are usually infrequent and much needs to be accomplished with each visit.

Although much is required to help with Relocations, the Real Estate Agent who has received the Relocation Training is aware of what is needed and accepts the responsibility when accepting the assignment.

We will be available to you, delivering the service you need and desire.  This is a part of the job we do and are willing to do for we genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help with Relocations.  We would like to help you, or someone you might know.

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