Relocation – Help is here for those Relocating

We would like to offer you some information you may find helpful as you Relocate or are considering a possible Relocation.   Our Team of Residential Agents has received special training that has equipped them with the tools and facts considered very valuable.

As we handle those relocating, we take on the responsibility of not only housing but handling many aspects of a move not typically the responsibility of the Real Estate Agent.  When moving to an unfamiliar city, all sorts of information needs to be gathered in order to make an informed decision.    Schools, shopping, recreation, medical, public transportation, neighborhood considerations, taxes, association fees – all of these need to be understood before making any decision about a particular house.

Another important element in this equation is the dedication of the Real Estate Agent to keep information flowing during the process whether you are here or away for quite frequently the process takes quite a long time.   When you are here, it is important that the Real Estate Agent can tailor his schedule to fit yours for  house hunting trips are usually infrequent and much needs to be accomplished with each visit.

Although much is required to help with Relocations, the Real Estate Agent who has received the Relocation Training is aware of what is needed and accepts the responsibility when accepting the assignment.

We will be available to you, delivering the service you need and desire.  This is a part of the job we do and are willing to do for we genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help with Relocations.  We would like to help you, or someone you might know.

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Lakes in Southern Indiana




Columbus is blessed with several lake communities with a wide variety of homes and amenities.  Established neighborhoods like Sandy Hook on the East side of town and the Lagoons near downtown offer moderately priced homes with the convenience of living near schools, shopping and many restaurants but still being able to swim or fish from your own dock or small boat.


Farther east in the county, Shaeffer Lake offers affordable homes on a lovely lake with fishing, swimming, boating and water skiing options.


On the west side of town, Tipton Lakes Community offers three beautiful lakes connected by a series of small channels. All residents, regardless of whether they own lakefront property have full use of all lakes and the marina.  Only non-motorized boats are permitted but summer evenings will find a number of residents in pontoons and kayaks enjoying spectacular sunsets. A number of hardy fisherman are often found ice fishing thoughout the coldest days of winter.


Farther west in the county, Harrison Lake offers  lake living with many residents and non-residents choosing the option of country club membership. Some of the added benefits are a beautiful club house, 18 hole award winning golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts and nature trails.

For those homeowners desiring the features of a larger lake, beautiful   Grandview lake offers water skiing, motor boats, fishing and swimming and many beautiful year around and summer homes. Nestled in the western hills, Grandview Lake  offers spectacular views of nearby Brown County.


For serious water skiers, Sawmill Lake offers lovely homes located on competitive ski lakes. Nearby, Tamerix Lake, Wood Lake and Terrace Lake also have many lovely homes with private wooded lots.


It has been said that once you experience lake living, you never want to leave.  Many residents have moved from one lake to another over the years but simply aren’t willing to give up the added enjoyment of waking up to sunrise over the lake, sipping wine while enjoying a beautiful sunset cruise or just relaxing on an intertube or float on a warm summer day.


Lake property is available in most price ranges so if you’ve always thought you might like to live on the lake, maybe this year is the time to make the move. You may never want to leave.


A video of Harrison Lake appears below.


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Jan Brinkman

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Bartholomew County Library & Large Arch by Henry Moore

The Large Arch designed by Henry Moore was a gift to the City of Columbus from the J. Irwin Miller family.  It sits in the middle of the Plaza with the Bartholomew County Library in the background.    The Library is a magnificent structure and offers many services with extensive programming for children.

Harrison Lake Golf Course

There are many golf courses in Southern Indiana, some private, most public,all picturesque.  Columbus is the home of Otter Creek Golf Course, a public golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones who is known around the world for his golf courses.